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Addiction Treatment Specialist

No matter how severe the alcohol or drug problem may seem, we are here to help.

Our Philosophy

The good news is that no matter how severe the alcohol or drug problem may seem, most people with a substance use disorder can benefit from some form of treatment.

In the past, society viewed alcoholism and drug addiction as a moral flaw. Popular “treatments” involved imprisonment, sentencing to asylums, and church-guided prayer. Not surprisingly, these methods were generally ineffective.

Today we understand that addiction is a brain disease characterized by fundamental and long-lasting changes in the brain. Like other chronic diseases, addiction can be managed successfully, and modern treatments are based on scientific research, enabling people to counteract addiction’s powerful disruptive effects on the brain and behavior and to regain control of their lives.

Today’s methods are very effective, with 40-70% of patients getting treatment for drug abuse remaining drug-free and about one-third of those who are treated for alcohol problems having no further symptoms 1 year later. Many others substantially reduce their drinking and report fewer alcohol-related problems.

All patients accepted to participate in our Treatment Program must agree to strictly adhere to the Policies and Protocols of the program, and be genuinely interested in sobriety from addictive substances.

Our Values

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We strive to break the stigma of addiction

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We respect our patients, delivering confidential and individualized care that takes a lot of blame off the patient

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Evidence-based care

We value a thoughtful, scientific approach to care.

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We strive to deliver as close to a real-time care experience as we can.

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By virtue of being an online clinic, we can deliver care to patients in a way that is most convenient to them.

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We are the most affordable, long term care solution for opioid dependence on the market.